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Operational Excellence


For more than two decades, DBL has shown passionate commitment to support a culture of safety, environmental sustainability and a high-quality execution. Their will to deliver only the best to all their stakeholders, drives everything they do.


With over 26,743 employees in-house, DBL is the largest employer in the Indian EPC sector. They hire and train employees and give them retainment benefits, in-turn, the employees take ownership of their work and execute it to perfection.


The quality DBL delivers, speaks its stories at lengths. Each of their projects go through multiple quality checks to ensure that their clients and the clients’ customers get nothing but the best.


Innovation is at the heart of DBL’s operations. They are keen to adopt new, innovative initiatives and using old technology in new ways. This openness has set them apart in the industry.

Best-in-class Fleet


There are 329 cranes in the DBL fleet, with capacity ranging from 12T to 220T. These cranes are sourced from Grove, Manitowoc, Escorts, ACE and Alpha. The cranes are used for lifting and shifting heavy materials like concrete girder and blocks. They are also used to commission various plants on the projects.


Mining Trucks

DBL has sourced 263 mining trucks from Volvo and Scania. These trucks are used for transporting boulder, coal and overburden materials at mining project sites. The trucks are equipped to perform even at steep gradients.


With 2653 units sourced from Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland, DBL has the largest fleet of Tippers in India. The equipment is used for transporting asphalt mix material, aggregates, and soil.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant

The Ready Mix Concrete batching plant mixes ingredients like water, aggregate, sand, cement and admixture to create concrete. DBL has 123 RMC plants with capacity upto 110 cubic meter/hr sourced from Schwing Stetter.

Slip Form Paver

The Slip Form Paver compacts concrete and smoothens road surface under construction. The equipment avoids undulations by providing continuous micro level controls to the operator. There are 29 Slip Form Pavers in the DBL fleet, sourced from Wirtgen and with paving width capacity up to 16 meters.

Bitumen Paver

The Bitumen Paver is used to lay asphalt and lean concrete on roads. It provides minor compaction before the asphalt is further compacted by a roller. DBL has 71 Bitumen Pavers sourced from Wirtgen, Volvo and Apollo.

Soil Compactor

A soil compactor is used to compact soil, gravel, and concrete during construction of roads and foundations. There are 253 Soil Compactors in the DBL fleet sourced from Wirtgen, Greaves Cotton, CAT and Volvo.

Tandem Roller

The Tandem Roller gives high compaction performance, speed and grade ability to maximize productivity while providing exceptional reliability and durability. DBL has 87 rollers sourced from Wirtgen, Greaves and Volvo.

Sand Classifier Plant

The Sand Classifier (Dry and Wet) Plant provides silt free sand and removes ultra-fine impurities. It also recovers most of the water used during the process. DBL has 33 wet and air classifiers sourced from CDE, Metso and Terex.

Bitumen Batch Mix Plant

The Bitumen Batch Mix Plant is used to heat bitumen, filler material and aggregates. The plant also mixes the materials to produce hot mix asphalt. DBL has 24 such plants with a capacity of up to 250 tonnes per hour sourced from Ammann Apollo and Linnhoff.

Wheel Loader

The Wheel Loader is used for shifting and loading soil, aggregate and sand. The equipment’s robust constitution, particularly its large front and rear wheels, make it suitable for pushing, lifting and loading earth, sand and other heavy materials. DBL has 361 loaders sourced from Caterpillar.

Backhoe Loader

The Backhoe Loader is a multi-utility equipment used for construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, excavation, loading material, and breaking asphalt. DBL owns 156 loaders sourced from Caterpillar.


The Dozer is used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, and road building material during construction and over burden dump yards in mines. There are 31 dozers in DBL’s fleet sourced from Caterpillar.

Transit Mixer

The Transit Mixer is used for transporting concrete, mortar and ready mix material from a concrete batching plant to sites. DBL owns 666 Transit Mixers manufactured by Schwing Stetter.

Track Mounted Crusher

The Track Mounted Crusher is used to convert stone boulders into aggregate of the required dimensions. The equipment has a maximum capacity of 250 tonnes per hour. These crushers do not require a foundation and can start production immediately after shifting. DBL owns18 equipment sourced from Metso, Sandvik, Terex and Wirtgen.

Fixed Crusher

The Fixed Crusher is used to reduce large rocks into smaller aggregate, granular sub-base and wet mix macadam. Fixed crushers are sourced from Metso, Sandvik, Puzzolana and Terex. There are 44 equipment with capacity up to 350 tonnes per hour in the DBL fleet.

Piling Machine

The Piling Machine is used for drilling with augers or buckets and execution of drilling casings directly with a rotary. The machine is also used for casing oscillator, diaphragm walls, and execution of double head drilling. DBL has 14 Piling Machines sourced from Casagrande, Bauer, and Mait.

Concrete Boom Pump

The Concrete Boom Pump is attached to a truck or longer units on semi-trailers. It uses a remote - controlled articulation robotic arm (called a boom) to place concrete accurately. DBL owns 12 Concrete Boom Pump sourced from Schwing Stetter


Excavators are used for mass excavation of soil and soft rocks. It can be used with other hydraulic attachments like rock breakers. DBL owns 540 excavators with a maximum capacity of 48 tonnes sourced from CAT and Volvo

Motor Grader

A Motor Grader is a long blade construction machine used to create a flat surface during the grading process. In the construction of paved roads they are used to prepare the base course to create a wide flat surface upon which to place the asphalt/concrete. Graders can produce inclined surfaces to give camber to roads. DBL owns 179 Motor Grader sourced from CAT and Volvo