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Iconic Projects

Bhopal Metro Rail Project

Design and construction of Elevated Viaduct (length 6.225 KM) between AIIMS and Subhash Nagar (Excluding stations)

including entry and exit to Depot for Bhopal Metro Rail Project, Phase-I

Project Cost: 247.06 Crore
Length: 6.225 Km
Completion Period: 27 Months 
State: Madhya Pradesh
Awarding Body: Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co. Limited, Bhopal (M.P

Churhat Bypass Tunnel - Rewa-Sidhi

DBL undertakes Construction of Chrhat Bypass including Tunnel on Riwa Sidhi section of NH 75E from chainage 33.200 to chainage 55.400 (design length 15.350km.) in the state of MP on Hybrid Annuity Mode”.

Parallel Taxi Track - Dabolim Airport,Goa

Construction of Parallel Taxi Track and associated Civil & Electrical Works at Dabolim Airport,Goa

Indore Metro Rail Project

Design and construction of Elevated Viaduct (length 5.3 KM) between ISBT and Mumtajbag Colony (Excluding stations)
including entry and exit.

Overburden Khairagura OCP

Khairagura is the flagship project of SCCL and the largest producing mine in the area. The project kicked off in November 2016 with a 3 years schedule for completion.

This project established DBL as a mining company and achieved a daily target of 100,000 BCM building an excavation capacity of 30 MBCM P.A. The project used best-in-class equipment for drilling, excavation, loading, transportation, dumping, spreading and levelling., of 1066.081 LCBM of overburden including coal with hired conventional equipment and additional works viz., 3000 dozer hours & 3000 shovel hours at Khairagura OCP, BPA area in a period of 36 months.

DBL has developed core strengths like fleet/equipment management, bulk material handling, high volume excavation & earthwork, supply chain management etc. in its infrastructure and construction business. The DBL expertise enjoys close synergy with the mining business.

As a part of diversification strategy and to exploit the existing strengths of the organization, DBL ventured into mining, bagging contracts of overburden/waste removal from Northern Coalfield Limited (NCL) and Sigareni Collieries Coal Limited (SCCL). In a very short span of 12 months, DBL has achieved an excavation capacity of 250,000 BCM per day in a cost efficient manner, establishing.

MDO (Mine Developer and Operator) Pachhwara by PSPCL

Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL) has entrusted as Mines Developer and Operator(MDO) by Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. (PSPCL) for development and operation of the Pachhwara Central Coal Mine.

The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) is the power generation and distribution company in the state of Punjab and is fully owned by the Government of Punjab. PSPCL owns 3 thermal power plants in the state of Punjab – Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant (Bathinda), Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Plant (Ropar) and Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant (Lehra Mohabbat) with installed capacities of 460 MW, 1260 MW and 920 MW respectively.

The Pachhwara Coal Block is located in the Pakur District of Jhakhand state having a balance reserve of 382 MT to be excavated for 55 years at a peak rated capacity of 7 MTPA.

Green Field Airport of Hirasar

Construction of New Greenfield Airport at Hirasar, Rajkot, Gujarat, India with detailed Designing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Runway, Basic Strips, Turning Pads, Taxiways, Parallel Taxi Track (PTT), Apron, Perimeter & Other Roads, Earth Work in Cut/Fill & Grading, Drainage System, Related Retaining Structures, Fire Station, MT Pool, Fire Pit, Cooling Pit, ARP & Associated Approaches, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Airfield Ground Lighting System, Visual Aids for Navigation and Bird Hazard Reduction System etc.

Project Cost
without GST :      570.06 Cr.

Period          :      30 Months

Zuari Bridge

Zuari cable stayed bridge is a high demand project as the existing bridge in Zuari River connecting Panjim and Mangalore does not cater to heavy vehicle movements due to its poor condition.

Construction of the Zuari cable stayed bridge includes building a bridge across the river Zuari on NH-17/ NH 66 on Panjim – Mangalore section in the State of Goa. The Zuari cable stayed bridge is 640m long with central navigational span of 360m and end span on both sides of 140m. This makes the bridge the 2nd longest and widest cable stay bridge in India. A tourist observatory and restaurant at the 110m high tower is planned on the bridge.

Zuari cable stayed bridge has 8 (4+4) lanes with 27m wide dual carriageways and a centre median of 10.7m. Bridge deck is of composite structure (steel structure and concrete) with a temporary steel walkway connecting both sides of embankments and pylon foundation locations for construction logistics. The bridge deck is fabricated at site using high tech robotic welding equipment. It is transported by barge into the river, where it is lifted and erected by lifting frames.

DBL has joined hands with a Ukraine based company, Mostobudivelnyi Zahin Limited (MBZ) with a 74% and 26% stake respectively, to construct the cable stay bridge. MBZ has experience in construction of bridges including suspension bridge of 840 metres with a central span of 520 metres and is the technical partner to Dilip Buildcon Limited for this project. MBZ’s involvement is to support in design, technical matters and execution.

Equipment used for this bridge includes 55 x 15 m Dumb Barge, 12 x 8 m Dumb Barge, 25 x 10 m Dumb Barge, 60 x 13 m Dumb Barge, MAIT Piling Rigs, Tower Cranes, and Robotic Welding System Equipment.

Nigahi OCP of NCL

DBL has developed core strengths like fleet/equipment management, bulk material handling, high volume excavation and earthwork, supply chain management etc. in its infrastructure and construction business. DBL’s expertise enjoys close synergy with the mining business.

Nigahi Open Cast Mines is one of the most important projects of Northern Coal Field Limited with annual capacity of 17 MTPA. The project includes excavation of overburden of first dig (solid) & re-handling by mechanical means such as excavators, dumpers/tippers, drills, dozers, graders and water sprinklers for composite work consisting of blast hole drilling, excavation, loading, transportation of broken rocks/ soil/ earth, unloading/dumping, spreading, dozing, water sprinkling and grading etc. as per instruction of engineer-in-charge at specified places.

Nigahi – 1 Contract Value: 104 Crores
Nigahi-1, the first mining project undertaken by DBL, was a strategic endeavor to diversify the company’s portfolio. The project kicked off in May 2016 with a 3 year timeline for completion. DBL expects to complete the project in November 2017, well before the formal project completion date.

Nigahi 2 Contract Value: 1674 Crores
Nigahi-2 commenced work in March 2017 with 3 years for completion, establishing DBL as a mining company. The mine achieved a daily target of 150,000 BCM building an excavation capacity of 30 MBCM P.A.

Tunnel-BG Line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag

Awarding Body:

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited




On Going

DBL undertakes construction of Tunnels, Bridges, Yard and formation works from chainage 117.365 To 125.320 (7.955 km) (FLS) under Package-9 in connection with new BG line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag (125 km) in the state of Uttarakhand.

Delivering Strong Results


Himachal Pradesh

Completed: र 1,187 Mn Ongoing: र 5,687 Mn


Completed: र 12,555 Mn Ongoing: र --


Completed: र 12,555 Mn Ongoing: र --


Completed: र -- Ongoing: र 11,919Mn

Uttar Pradesh

Completed: र 44,075 Mn Ongoing: र 32,107 Mn


Completed: र 9,433 Mn Ongoing: र 14,296 Mn


Completed: र 9,433 Mn Ongoing: र 14,296 Mn


Completed: र 16,128 Mn Ongoing: र 31,476 Mn

Madhya Pradesh

Completed: र 1,23,235 Mn Ongoing: र 51,030 Mn


Completed: र 7,038 Mn Ongoing: र 18,407 Mn

West Bengal

Completed: र 6,131 Mn Ongoing: र --


Completed: र -- Ongoing: र 30,916 Mn


Completed: र 9,589 Mn Ongoing: र 48,894 Mn


Completed: र 70,548 Mn Ongoing: र 24,170 Mn


Completed: र 21,351 Mn Ongoing: र 20,475 Mn

Andhra Pradesh

Completed: र 42,795 Mn Ongoing: र 7,555 Mn


Completed: र 9,827 Mn Ongoing: र 5,454 Mn


Completed: र 28,481 Mn Ongoing: र 83,431 Mn


Ongoing: र 16,133 Mn

Tamil Nadu

Completed: र 2,520 Mn Ongoing: र --