90% of projects executed ahead of schedule

Backward Integration

Creating an ecosystem for self-sustainability

  1. Reusing Materials

  2. Foundry

  3. Road Furniture

  4. Thermoplastic Paints

  5. Bus Shelter

  6. Metal Beam Crash Barrier

  7. Scaffolding

  8. Signage

  9. Octagonal Poles

  10. RE Wall Mould


Client Speak

₹5,717 mn

Early Completion Bonus
earned during 2012 to 2023

Quality Check


DBL has partnered with the best global fleet providers to ensure before-time execution. DBL purchases the entire fleet involved in projects.

DBL purchases the best quality raw materials from an ecosystem of partners including IOCL, HP, BKT OTR, CEAT, Tata Steel, ACC and BP.