Wholesome Growth and Development

At DBL employees build an ecosystem of relationships, like a large extended family. Comprehensive benefits ensure health and happiness of the workforce and their loved ones.

Camp Accommodation
Building Happy Habitats

More than 80% of the DBL workforce is employed at the project sites. DBL creates habitats for employees that are safe, welcoming and comfortable.

Health and Accident Insurance
Safeguarding Against Risks

DBL's comprehensive insurance policies for employees and their families ensure peace of mind for all. Support during the claims process takes care of the family during troubled times.

Global Training Curriculum
Imparting Knowledge, Crafting Skills

DBL's global and best-in-class partner ecosystem ensures that employees have access to cutting edge skill development efforts.

Shuttle Services for Daily Commute
Mobility Simplified

DBL provides shuttle services to employees on site for daily commute. This eases the experience of living on site for employees and gives a hassle-free start to a productive day.

Special Gift for DBL’s Daughters
Pampering Princesses on Their Wedding Day

Daughters are a collective treasure. DBL pampers the daughters of drivers and operators by giving them a special gift on their wedding day. As per policy, the cheques are issued only in the girl’s name.

Wedding Gift for DBL’s Daughters
Pampering Princesses on Their Wedding Day

DBL makes an effort to support families in these difficult situations by providing a special gift for newlywed girls, daughters of drivers and operators on their wedding day.

Routine Health Checkup for DBL Employees
Ensuring good health and fitness of employees

DBL conducts routine health check up camps for employees in a regular basis to make sure of their good health and fitness.