Giving and Growing Together

Areas of Impact

Environmental Sustainability

To minimize the environmental impact and enhance contribution towards a sustainable ecosystem, DBL takes strict measures by disposing waste responsibly, conducting regular emission checks, and enforcing a comprehensive EHS compliance policy. DBL also undertakes regular tree plantation drives around project areas and invests in replanting uprooted trees. Additionally, innovations such as Geo Green walls implemented at project level enhance DBL's efforts.


This year, under the theme of ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, World Environment Day is celebrated with plantation and other activities on 5, June 2018

Road Safety

To reduce the number of road accidents, DBL conducts Road Safety Awareness drives in and around their areas of operation. They perform street plays and involve local government and political bodies for a better impact on the audience. Stringent safety measures are also followed by using barricades, reflector paints and right signage dedicated to keep the passers-by safe. Local dignitaries such as District Collector, Superintendent of Police and several government officials attend these interactions. Ambulances are also provided where needed. 

Local Interventions